Huzzah! Hurray! Alright!

Hey everybody!

I had such a fun weekend! On Friday August, 1st I turned 13. My mom and I made cupcakes on Friday night for the party on Saturday. On Saturday morning my neighbor took me on a motorcycle ride. He has a Harley. Later that day we had my b-day party.

From my three friends I got: 1 $15.00 gift card to Aeropostle, 1 $15.00 gift card to Barnes 'N Noble, 1 shot glass from Arizona, and a 1 year subscription to American Girl magazine. Yesterday, on Sunday, I had my family party.

From my parents I got: 1 shirt that says I LOVE THE BOYS OF THE BEARING SEA, 1 pin that says Capt. Johnathan's my homeboy!, 1 earring tree, 1 $25.00 gift card to Barnes 'N Noble, 1 shower proof AM/FM/CD radio, 1 shot glass that says Alaska Ship Supply- Dutch Harbor, 1 shot glass that says Lighthouses of New Jersey, 1 bracelet that says Leo with the symbol, and 1 bracelet that has my name written in Chinese.

From my gramma I got: 1 pair of her old earrings, 1 necklace that has a mustard seed inside, and $10.00.

From my Aunt&Uncle I got: 1 $10.00 gift card to Blockbuster and 1 $10.00 gift card to Starbucks.

From my brothers I got a red Casio digital camera.

From my brother's mom I got $50.00.

Well, folks, that's all I've got to say!

No P.S. question today. Sorry!


Anonymous said…
belated happy birhtday from the Netherlands
.Glad to hear you had a great day. and love the picture of you and my favorite captains.

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