Life After Death

In February or March of 2017, a few months after the passing of Nellie, my mom suggested that we start doing pet-sitting, so that we could have animals in the house without adopting. We were still raw with our emotions, but we needed to hear animal feet in the house again!

We, and by that I mean my mom, works through Rover. We mainly board dogs in our own home, but she has occasionally gone out to other people's houses to watch the animals in their own home while the owner(s) is gone.

We have been doing it for over a year now and it's been great; we even have had several repeat clients! My mom earns money, and we get doggy love! So far, every one of them has made us think of Nellie in some way or another! We have had around 30 doggy clients, some have been through Rover, and some have been through internet searches, or a person just knows our family. Below are a few of my favorite dogs that we've had!

Gracie; very first client ever!





Honey left, Jasper right



Iain; belonged to family of Benny, who sadly passed away




Sadie; most repeated client!

Tori; super sweet and not at all scary. Unlike this picture :)



Grumpy said…
Is Winnie laughing? It's a great idea and you get paid to do something that's fun.
F.M. said…
I think Winnie is laughing! Or just has a big smile!

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