Breaking Up

When relationships come to an end, the emotions can be wildly swinging. So I turned my feelings into a poem. All events portrayed were/are true.

A Heart Breaks
July 29th, 2015
Age: 19

A heart breaks when the magic words are said less and less,
and your thoughts become a jumbled mess;
when you feel lonely and separated in the same room,
and the dark thoughts start to loom.

A heart breaks when you have thoughts of him cheating,
the moment is ever so fleeting;
you wonder if what he tells you is still true,
and your love for him can still feel shiny and new.

A heart breaks when you have to ask for a kiss,
when the way he acts is no longer in bliss;
you feel like you’re losing control,
and marrying him is no longer a goal.

A heart breaks when you realize it’s time to go,
and your heart’s light is just a dim glow;
when being with him weighs you down,
and your face is always in a frown.

A heart breaks when he doesn’t try and win you back,
and your fa├žade starts to crumble and crack;
you hate to leave but it’s the best thing to do,
and you’ll learn from all that you went through.


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