New Idea!

I've been mulling over a new idea for a story. Imagine this to be on the back of a book! Let me know what you think!

"Just starting her senior year in high school, Sutton Hollis displays an exterior persona that screams Bitch. From the clothes to her attitude, Sutton is a mean girl at school. But not because she wants to, she has to for her survival.

At home Sutton is plagued by horrible memories as her time as a young girl in foster care. Then she meets new neighbor Dalton Prescott. She feels an immediate connection with him but is too afraid to open herself up to him.

Will Sutton finally be able to trust someone other than herself and her adoptive parents? And if she does, can she shed her mean girl appearance for good?"

If I'm able to find time to actually write this, I think it'll sound pretty good. I already have some scene ideas in my head.


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