A Pet Peeve: High Heels; Opinion Piece Part 1

I'm an eighteen year old girl and I refuse to wear high heels. The only thing cool about them is their abundant colors and styles. What's not cool is this:

-The aches in locations such as feet, legs, low back
-Pinched toes
-Feeling like a weeble-wobble (a kids toy)
-Falling down on your butt
-The small fortune called 'price-tag'

and a whole lot more. High heels are not practical. If I must wear them for a job in the future, then I will suck it up and wear them. But why wear them if I don't have to? I can wear normal shoes and Converse flats. What would make the whole high heel wearing experience worse is that I have no arches in my feet and high heels are made for woman who do have arches. So I suppose the Converse aren't good for my feet either, but I'd much rather be on the ground than four inches above terra firma. And don't get me started on the ladies that are shoe shoppers. You know what I would call that? Shoe hoarding. And most of those pairs would be high heels.

They're even making higher pumped shoes for the younger girls. Good Morning America did a piece on high heels for young girls and about the company, Madden, that is making them. The mom in the piece said "She [her daughter] wanted them so bad so I went ahead and got them. I want to curb her high heel phase, but I can't." This parent may have not said these exact words but it's pretty similar. And the solution to her plight is absurdly simple, that some people will have to think really hard to get the right answer. And the answer is this: If you don't want your daughter to wear these high heels and or higher pumped shoes, then do not buy them for her.

Other shoppers that buy high heels only buy them for the fashion regardless of how they make their feet hurt; hence the multiple pairs piling up in the closet. I can just imagine their high pitched voice that says:

"God my feet! These stupid high heels!"
Me: Well why do you wear them, let alone buy them?
Them: "Well just look at this style! It's absolutely adorable! And I got them in red too!"
Me: So you got the same style in two different colors?
Them: "Of course I did! A girl can't have too many shoes!"
Me: *why do I continue talking?*
**Disclaimer: I realize that this is not typical of all woman, just the Barbie like ones

Of course a girl can have too many shoes, it's called hoarding. High heels will never be a part of my shoe attire, they're not practical for my feet. And frankly, the world would be better without them.


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