My Quarter Grades from School!

My school just had the ending of 1st Quarter a couple weeks ago and I got my 1st Quarter grades this Monday. I am so proud of myself! Here they are:

Science: A
Intro to Fitness: A
Honors English: B
Digital Photography 1: A
Honors World History: A
Integrated 1 (or Algebra 1): A

For being in high school, I think that these grades are pretty good!


Anonymous said…
You're darn right they are - you should be proud of yourself! You've done very well!
Anonymous said…
Fantastic Missy! I'm proud of you too. Keep up the good work.
Wonderful grades, you have every right to be proud of yourself. I am sure all of your readers are proud of you too! Job well done
Nathan said…
Those are great grades! Good Job! You should be proud of yourself!

Any idea what you are planning to do once you are finished highschool?

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