What Life should be, but Isn't

This is a story I wrote on Sunday night. These are just my opinions, so don't feel offended.

Life should be full of happiness, love, good food, jewelry, good surprises, family.
Life should be full of triumph, good fortune, luck, friends, treasures, peace.
Life should be full of laughter, dreams, natural beauty, brilliance, fun, no worries.
Life should be full of health care for everyone, soul mates, fantasy, solitude, focus points, necessary alone time, warmth.
Life should be full of vital moments, family history, important times together, strength, influential people.

But, that’s not what life is.

Life is full of war, divorce, hard times, recessions, bailouts, plans that won’t work.
Life is full of fear, drugs, alcohol, murders, suicides, homicides.
Life is full of lies, deceit, horror, trust issues, hunger, and homeless people.
Life is full of pollution, torture, terrorism, violent memories, no money.
Life is full of litter, cartels, gangs, fatal accidents, kidnappings, wounds that can’t heal.

But, that’s not my life. My life isn’t going to be like that. I want my life to be full of good things. I will do anything. And if I have to fight like hell, with my heart, to do that, then I will.


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