Happy Birthday Mother Dear

It's my mom's birthday today. But, I never said anything to her this morning. I was such a jerk. I remembered at school. Of course, it's a time when I don't see her. I made a mental note to remind myself to tell her after school. Yet again, my mental notes have failed me. I had yearbook signing, and I was so excited and caught up in other stuff, that I forgot. So, Happy Birthday MOMMY! I LOVE U! And I'm SO SORRY!

-Your Daughter-


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the post and email *****iekins. Just remember no matter how old you get, it's nice to be remembered. It hurts to not be remembered.

Especially since I'm the one who gave birth to you, the hard way. And I'm the one that got puked on 8 times a day. And I was the one that was your 'human pacifier' for hours on end that I thought 'the girls' would fall off. And I'm the one that had to hold you all day long because you didn't like the floor, the crib, your stroller....You didn't like anything. And I was the one that listened to your babbling (and still do).

And foremost, I am the one that will love you forever, no matter what. Unless, you forget my birthday again.

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