My westward journal #5


Dear journal,

We’ve had a rough journey so far. We had been traveling for a few hours when my father shouted. I saw dozens of eyes follow the direction my father pointed. I squinted my eyes and I saw that the sign said Fort Kearney. I gave a shout for joy and leaped off the wagon. I ran around looking for Jasper. I found him jumping up and down like I was. He caught my arm and we jumped up and down some more. I was so caught up in my mini celebration, I didn’t here my name get called until the last minute. “Maggie! Come over here this minute!” I backed away from Jasper and ran back to my parents. I got back on the wagon just as we entered Fort Kearney. I looked around at the Fort and I smelled food. A few hours after we arrived, I was comfortably full and well rested. I walked around with Jasper looking for stuff to buy. I finally found some new pencils and a new notepad. I sent a few letters to family back home. I will miss this place.

Maggie, 9 years old


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