My westward journal #1

This is an assignment that I have to do in my History class at school. We created a family that was going to Oregon. In my westward journal, the mom is 24 years old and her name is Abby. The dad is 25 years old and his name is John. Their daughters name is Maggie and she’s 9 years old. I’m writing this journal from Maggie’s perspective. The year is 1820.


Dear journal,

When I woke up this morning, I could smell bacon and eggs. It was a bright morning and I went downstairs feeling happy. All that changed. I noticed the look on mothers face. Her lips were in a tight mashed line, and her face was white. I then stole a quick look at my father. He caught my eyes. “Oh Maggie. Good, you’re up. There’s something I need to tell you. We’re moving to Oregon.” I quickly became the same person as my mother. I looked at father head on. “Okay. What shall I bring?” My voice was shaking. Father told me I could fill my schoolbag with everything that could fit. I got out of the kitchen and went to pack my things. My whole body was shaking. The tears were uncontrollable now. They started streaming down my face. I threw everything that I owned into that schoolbag. I set it down on my bed and walked downstairs again and asked when we were to leave. I learned that it was tomorrow. I left the house and said goodbye to my friends early. Would I ever see them again? Would Oregon be what my father is expecting?

Maggie, 9 years old


Sweetly said…
What A cool Idea! Awesome!


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