Flour babies 411

Because I'm an eighth grader, I have classes that the seventh graders don't have. One of the classes is called Life Skills. The latest assignment had to do with flour. Each student had to have a sack of flour. You could have a 5lb. sack or a 10lb. sack or two 5lb. sacks of flour (for twins). I chose to have just one 5lb. sack of flour. Anyways, I had to pretend that I had a baby and I had to take care of it for three days. I had to fill out a birth certificate and record everything that happened. I had to take the "baby" everywhere I went! It was very frustrating. The "baby" needed a blanket, toys, a face, and clothes. I also needed to make a toy for it too! I'm glad that when the assignment was over, the sacks of flour went to charity. I'm also glad that this assignment is over. The first pic is me with a stuffed basketball toy under my shirt and the second pic is me with holding the sack of flour.


wetardedmary said…
Add a couple of cups of water to that baby and you'll have TWINS..

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