Me Too

I had been debating on whether or not to post this on such a public forum, but I feel that I have to. Because stuff like this will not end unless it continues to be talked about. I thought that my story was too weak to be considered a # story because it didn't contain any typical horror that we've seen from other women. And then I realized that every story needs to be said, because abuse comes in many forms, not just physical.


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I’ve talked about my ex before but it must be said that unwanted words and actions by anyone to another person is absolutely uncalled for. 

Life with my ex was a roller coaster of emotions and mental abuse. He was older and I thought that would be a good thing, because older means more mature to me. During the journey of losing my V-Card he told me that I couldn’t say no to sex until I learned to enjoy it. If that’s not harassment, I don’t know what is.

Before I knew it he was starting to make rape jokes and told me that I wouldn’t be a very good girlfriend anymore if I got bigger than I already was, at 100 or so pounds. (If you know me, then you know that I can wear shirts and hoodies from ages ago).

He told me that I was lazy and that I would always be a follower. I began to believe what he said and my mental state went to crap.

When I wanted to leave, I ended up packing up my stuff and leaving a note. I thought that if I told him in person, he would go crazy and I would have to call the police.

I’ve been away from him for about three now and it’s a great feeling because I lived on my own without him during the last bit of college, I graduated cum laude, and I regained some of my happy. But the memories tend to stick around sometimes. and I think that I would still get a fast heart-beat if I saw him in person ever again.


Anonymous said…
You are right, I didn't know a lot of this. I'm glad we got you out before it was too late. If I had known all this, it would have happened a Hell of a lot sooner. ~~Ma

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