Big Changes

Over the past few years I have gone through some major changes! After I left my ex, I got my very first tattoo, and I got red highlights put in my hair. The year after that I got my hair done again, but with a whole lot of blonde! I had let most of it grow out, and then cut out, but I was wanting a hair change again, so I went to my stylist friend and got more of a defined look. To most people these things wouldn't seem like such a massive life change, but for me they were! They were steps into adult-hood and major decision making!


Grumpy said…
Nice tat. As for hair styles I would go with the first one facing the camera,in the black top. Very stylish and sophisticated,perfect for a job interview. You are going to get a job after graduation, right?
F.M. said…
Thanks! I have already graduated, but I haven't done a post about it yet. I'm trying to get caught up on all the things that have happened throughout the time that I wasn't blogging. And I'm actually in an internship right now!

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