Things that Don't get Finished

You know how there are types of people that work on several projects at a time and none of them ever get finished? There are crafting people, people that work in the garage for their projects so I'm assuming it's a dude with his cars and/or motorcycles, or the people that have random tinkerings that they call their 'inventions' laying around in various parts of the house.

For me it can be crafting things, sometimes, a very small sometimes. Mostly it's stories though. I have a story that is multiple pages long but I haven't worked on it in ages. There's another story that I only have an introduction to and I haven't added anything new to it since December. And finally I have another story that's just an idea. The idea is written down but anything that consists of a plot and defining characters is missing.

The longer story I can come back to anytime because it's not as important as the one with only an introduction. That one is a fan fiction. It's a type of fiction writing where fans of TV shows, movies, and video games make up their own story while using characters from those different media avenues. Or something like that. I'd never done a fan fiction before so I wanted to try it out. I knew the show that I wanted to write on, BBC's Doctor Who. But I've been lacking inspiration since I've written the intro and that was four months ago.

I'm afraid that it's going to end up in my pile of Things that Don't get Finished. Many items have landed there over the years and it's a bit sad sometimes. But I will post the intro...

Doctor Who Fan Fic Intro:

I spent the first twenty years of my life wondering if there was more out there in the world, in the universe; wondering if the human race wasn't alone; wondering because all I'd known in my first twenty years of living was the small coastal Oregon town that I lived in. It had a post office, a bank, shops and hotels for tourists, delicious restaurants, and a drugstore. If you wanted to go shopping at a regular store, you'd be driving awhile. I loved that town more than anything because it was my home but I had been getting restless. Some days I felt like leaving forever whereas on other days I knew I could never leave. But on my twenty first birthday, everything changed. My life was turned upside down and I learned so many things about love, loss, friendship, and courage. All because I met a man.


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