How Technology for the Masses became Personalized for Everyone

Our world today is filled with technology. The world twenty years ago was filled with technology as well, but it wasn't From smartphones, Wi-Fi, iPads, iPods, and IBM's Watson to smart watches. Watches. Really? What's next? We might even become like Josh Holloway's character Gabriel Vaughn on CBS's Intelligence and get super computer microchips put in our brains. The TV show is pretty good with its storyline but I wouldn't want a chip in my brain, not in the least.

Our techno world right now is ever growing and people are starting to buy one techno gadget after another and I myself am guilty as charged. I have a silver 4th or 5th generation iPod, a blue iPod chromatic with video capabilities, an iPod Touch, and an LG Dare for my current phone. All of those things are great but the most practical and convenient use of technology for me is my laptop.

I got my laptop brand new, albeit on sale, while I was still a senior in high school and I was really excited to have one for myself. I had always used Windows XP or 7 but this one had Windows 8. It took me awhile to get used to it but after I did, using it and all the different types of apps was a breeze.

I use my laptop for everything from school to social-networking to games. For school I use Apache OpenOffice to create word documents and power-points for projects or papers. And I also use the Internet. Without that, I couldn't do anything. But what my laptop doesn't have is the Office Suite. So for one of my winter quarter classes I had to download software that would let me log on to a campus computer virtually through my own PC so I could do my homework. For social-networking I have a Facebook and my blog. And for games, I either play the solitaire or mahjong that came with the laptop or I get free ones from the Microsoft store. But I also use my laptop to watch movies and TV shows with Netflix and HBOGO. Or catch up on current airings of shows by watching them on their networks' website the next day.

Being a freshman in college and living in the dorms is such a new experience for me that I still keep in touch with my family through e-mail or Facebook messaging because it makes me feel more comfortable, even though my house is forty minutes away from the college's campus.

Another reason why my laptop is perfect for me is the way it's designed. I love how crisp the screen is and how well all the colors seem to work together. That comes in handy whenever it involves my hobby of digital photography. Without a beautiful screen, I wouldn't be able to see whether or not a photo needs editing. If it doesn't need editing, I still make all my photo's smaller so that it's easier to upload them to my Facebook or blog.

I love my laptop for everything it has and does, but what I really love about it is that it has both sides of a coin in one machine. It's both professional and personal; professional for school and personal for everything else that I do. And I wouldn't have it any other way.


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