Monday, October 28, 2013

Writer's Block.

One would think, that by writing this here post, I would have something to say. Au contraire. I have writer's block. After my last post, everything seemed to dry up. I haven't had any inspiration lately and it's annoying me a bit. I love writing on this blog, but what fun is it if I can't think of anything? I hate forcing words onto here if I don't believe in them. I mean, it's 10:54 on a Sunday night and I am trying to write a meaningful post? Forget it, it'll never happen. I feel like I'm stuck in sea of words and I don't know which ones to pick out. The feeling is only a word I can describe as 'blah'.

I don't like this blah feeling. It's horrible. It sort of feels like I've lost my voice. Not my literal voice because that would entail that something bad happened. But my writing voice. Maybe it's because I'm feeling cooped up, having too much homework. I don't know.

But this is what I do know:
*I am a freshman student in college
*I am working my butt off to get good grades
*I am tired all the time! Everything from having an early start everyday to my symptoms of thalassemia beta minor.
*My brain is working hard

So maybe it's not really the true authentic writer's block. Maybe I just have a different version that hasn't gotten a name yet. Who knows. But this blog will continue to be written, whether it's something meaningful, or just ramblings like this one. This is my canvas, a place where I can say things that I can't necessarily say to friends or people I know. I'll get a new inspiration some day, I always do! :)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Yeah So...There's This Guy...

There. I said it. There IS a guy that I'm crushin' on pretty hard. He lives in the floor above me in the dorm that we're living in. He's really nice, funny, smart, caring. And he's attractive. Ladies, you can look at hot guys all you want but is he gonna treat you right? No? Then move on. I feel that the guy I like would treat me right, if we were to become a couple. I think he likes me back but I have absolutely no idea. I even took those ridiculous 'does he like me' quizzes; that proves how much of a girl I'm behaving! I really like this guy! I haven't felt this way in a long time, it's quite a nice feeling. But sometimes it isn't because I don't know if he feels the same way about me that I do him. So in order to stop my mind from humming, I wrote this poem. I then realized it would be a cute little number for the character Gunnar Scott from Nashville to sing. I think it's cute. Here it is! Sidenote: My crush has not a clue about this blog or the contents of this poem. Thank God.

Title: Darling, Are You the One?
Age: 18

Every time I look into your eyes I smile,
it feels like I could stay there awhile,
you make me feel as warm as the sun,
darling, are you the one?

I know for sure now that you're my friend,
and I really don't want that to end,
when I'm with you I have so much fun,
darling, are you the one?

In my head I'm screaming 'I really like you',
I can't deny it because it's all very true,
I hope you don't bolt and run,
darling, are you the one?

I'm debating on whether or not to tell you,
honestly I hope you like me too,
sometimes the decision feels like it weighs a ton,
darling, are you the one?

I know I'm behaving like a girl,
but you make me so happy I want to twirl,
there is no truer string I could've spun,
darling, are you the one?

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Timeline of Pictures: May-September 2013

I thought I'd do a post with only pictures in it. It's a timeline from May to September of the year 2013. Events will include prom and my various weekend trips and such. Enjoy!

Prom; May 2013

My corsage! Prom; May 2013

Curly hair! Prom; May 2013

Me and my dog! Graduation; June 2013

Ohme Gardens; Wenatchee, Wa; July 2013

Fort Spokane; August 2013

Fort Spokane; August 2013

Duck! Post Falls, Id; August 2013

Aspen the captains dog; Post Falls, Id; August 2013

The Amway House!!!!! Post Falls, Id; August 2013

Right outside Deer Park, Wa; August 2013

August 2013

August 2013

Cowboy Café; Davenport, Wa; September 2013

Cowboy Café; Davenport, Wa; September 2013

Davenport, Wa; September 2013

Friday, October 4, 2013

Angelina Jolie and her Breasts: Opinion Piece Part 2

Here are two similar but different scenarios about breast cancer.

Scenario One: Imagine that you're a well respected woman, with a great career, a wonderful family, and a lot of money to give back to those who need it more than you do (aka philanthropy). Now imagine that you go in for your annual mammogram and the results come back and say that you have a lump in your breast. Now it's time for a biopsy to see if it's benign or malignant (cancerous). You wait for however long biopsies take and get that phone call. Your heart plummets. You have cancer. But it was caught early and you are able to take preventative measures. So you opt for a double mastectomy instead of chemotherapy or radiation. You have the procedure and it goes smoothly. It clears up the cancer as said by the next test you have.

Scenario Two: Here's where things are a little different. You're just like the women above, but instead of being diagnosed with breast cancer, you get genetic testing results that say that you have a high chance of getting breast cancer. And as a preventative measure, you get a double mastectomy as well.

In these two different scenarios, the women that make these decisions are very brave and deserve recognition. But they don't. So far the only woman that has gotten recognition for doing scenario two is Angelina Jolie. It's unfair and the news story went on far too long. First it was announced that she got a double mastectomy. Fine, she did it to be healthy. Should've lasted for maybe a week. But no. Because then it went on to interviews with her doctors and other medical people that were in charge of her care. The story broke in May of '13 and continued into early September as a touch and go. I found it highly ridiculous. Four months of reporting on ONE woman, an actress no less, and regular everyday woman get nothing? It's times like these when I sometimes lose faith in humanity and the people that live on this planet.

Regular everyday victims, and survivors, of any type of cancer deserve our care, passion, and attention; not just one actress woman. It's a shame to see four months go by and all that gets talked about is Angelina Jolie and her breasts. (Using extreme emphasis to try and make a point).