Writer's Block.

One would think, that by writing this here post, I would have something to say. Au contraire. I have writer's block. After my last post, everything seemed to dry up. I haven't had any inspiration lately and it's annoying me a bit. I love writing on this blog, but what fun is it if I can't think of anything? I hate forcing words onto here if I don't believe in them. I mean, it's 10:54 on a Sunday night and I am trying to write a meaningful post? Forget it, it'll never happen. I feel like I'm stuck in sea of words and I don't know which ones to pick out. The feeling is only a word I can describe as 'blah'.

I don't like this blah feeling. It's horrible. It sort of feels like I've lost my voice. Not my literal voice because that would entail that something bad happened. But my writing voice. Maybe it's because I'm feeling cooped up, having too much homework. I don't know.

But this is what I do know:
*I am a freshman student in college
*I am working my butt off to get good grades
*I am tired all the time! Everything from having an early start everyday to my symptoms of thalassemia beta minor.
*My brain is working hard

So maybe it's not really the true authentic writer's block. Maybe I just have a different version that hasn't gotten a name yet. Who knows. But this blog will continue to be written, whether it's something meaningful, or just ramblings like this one. This is my canvas, a place where I can say things that I can't necessarily say to friends or people I know. I'll get a new inspiration some day, I always do! :)


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