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One of my senior class requirements was one called Current World Affairs (CWA). It was such a wonderful class and I had a lot of fun learning about our world. One of our final, end of the year projects was called 'This I Believe'. My teacher got the material from the National Public Radio and the segments that they were doing. So she wanted us to do our own. The basis of 'This I Believe' was to share your beliefs and what made you believe in them. So this is mine:

I have immigrant ancestors from long ago that came from Italy and made their way through Ellis Island and started their lives anew. I might even be related to the author of Pinocchio, Carlo Lorenzini, pen name C. Collodi, but my family and I haven’t had an opportunity to prove it. I love to read and write; I love listening to music; I love to be by myself sometimes; I love being around nature; I love being a novice photographer. I am shy, but once you get me talking about sci-fi shows or shows from the U.K., you won’t be able to get me to shut up. I am going to college after high school but for right now a major has not been selected; maybe something with my photography or writing.

My beliefs on the other hand do not go in a direct path or pattern. They’re scattered. I believe in marriage equality; for me it is about two people loving each other regardless of their gender. Everyone will come in contact with that one person that they just can’t live without and the relationship should be based on what those two people feel for each other. I believe in being able to communicate with the dead. People say that when we die our souls go to heaven. Well, I think we stick around for a while. I’ve seen and heard about amazing stories of people contacting loved ones through people known as psychic mediums, like John Edwards, Chip Coffey, and Theresa Caputo. The gifts that these people possess are truly amazing.

I believe in giving people second chances. A person can make a stupid mistake that they would normally not do and they get in trouble for it. Those people need second chances to fix what wrong they did and move on with their lives. If a person screws up their second chance then they shouldn't get any more chances. I believe that teachers at school put up with a lot of crap from their students and random kids in the hall that they shouldn't have to. They don’t get enough respect for all the hard work they do and that’s not right. The students should be more polite and courteous to their teachers. Most of these students are underclassmen but I've seen a few upperclassmen act like freshmen.

I believe in climate change, both nature made and human caused. If we want to live on this glorious planet until we die, then we should treat it like it’s living; which it is. The earth is a living creature and should be treated like one. No more dumping garbage in rivers or oceans, no more pollution of any sort. I believe in animal adoption from no-kill animal shelters. A human adopting a pet can improve their own life and the animal’s as well. Going to a breeder with pure bred dogs or cats is really stupid, who would want to pay close to a thousand dollars for a dog. Going to a shelter for adoption is such a great thing because you’d potentially be saving a life and the actual dollar price is much lower than pure bred; the quality time you spend with that animal will be priceless.

I don’t expect anyone to agree with me, but I do expect respect. Which this class has taught me a lot of. I knew nothing about the world unless it was in my house or I heard it on the news. Because of this class, I actually went out looking for news to share and I realized that what happened in the past is affecting right now. And what is happening right now will more than likely affect the future. I will focus more on what is going on and will remember why it’s happening because of this class. I don’t buy into rumors, but this, this I believe.

National Public Radio doesn't do the segments anymore but if you're interested, you can go here to look at other entries or to submit your own! I just might do it with mine!


Anya Felix said…
This is beautiful..i especially liked the end :)

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