I'm a Horrible Blogger

Today is my blogversary. Meaning that this is the day of me having my blog for 5 years. In fact, here's my very first post! In all that time, I've been writing my posts sometimes months apart. And the blogs I go visit, don't get me started! I barely visit any of them anymore and I feel horrible. I always say that I have too much homework or that I'm too busy. Even though there were times I did have too much homework, it was actually laziness that prevented me from being a more active blogger. Being a blogger shouldn't be about how many comments you get on a post or if anyone actually reads them. It should be about putting what you believe, and writing about things that you like to do into this white square and not being afraid of what anyone thinks if a person happens to read the post. Blogging should be about commenting on other people's blog posts to create a friendly neighborhood of bloggers.

So I am going to practice what I preach. I'm going to make a serious, honest to God effort to write more posts this summer (different story for when I get into college) and comment on other people's blog posts. Let the posting and commenting begin!


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