Summer Vacation 2012

Just last Saturday on August 11th I took my annual summer vacation with my parents. We traveled to Forks, Wa. The land of Twilight. You know, the books by Stephanie Myer. But that is not the reason why we went, although I did by some Twilighty things. We went to have fun, to see some gorgeous green forests in the Olympic National Forest, to relax a bit before I go back to school and become a senior.

I only have time to post one picture, but it's amazing. On the 15th of August we went to Rialto Beach to watch the sunset. It was gorgeous. I took fourteen pictures ever five minutes and it was so cool to see the sun setting further and further into the ocean and the horizon. When I got home I put all fourteen pictures into a collage from this website. Plus I added a couple other pictures from Rialto to fill in the last two squares. So here it is!

Sunset on Rialto Beach


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