The Sexiest Things

Let me let you in on a little secret. The sexiest things in life are not actors with large sums of money or those dumb bras from the Victoria's Secret commercials. So the magazines get it wrong all the time when they come out with annual issues announcing the sexiest man alive for the entire year. In fact, the sexiest things are not even people. And using the words "sexy" or "sexiest" is not even appropriate. It's disgusting. Things are not sexy. They are beautiful. And if you want to find something beautiful, go outside. Watch the sun rise, or set. Take a drive to the river or an ocean and just close your eyes and listen to all the sounds. Or if you want something more peaceful, go outside when it's really dark and lay on the grass and stare up at the stars. Finding something beautiful in this world of ours is actually quite easy if you stop looking at actors in magazines. But if all you do is look at actors in magazines or those bras that have no significance, you'll be blind.


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