In Honor

I wrote this poem two years ago (I was 13 years old) for a contest at my middle school. I didn't win, But I'm still proud of it. I believe I put it on either that year, or just last year, I don't remember. Here it is:

Our veterans have fought or do fight side by side with one another.

They know what they are doing although they may be scared or afraid.

They know what they are doing although we may not.

For all the lives in the world living or dead, I pray the most for our brave troops.

America’s troops or as I like to call them, “America’s Warriors” need our strength.

They need our hope. Our love. Our faith.

What they need right now more than ever, is our optimism.

Because they give optimism, we need to return the favor and give it right back to them.

Our troops, veterans, soldiers, Warriors.

God bless America


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