Sophomore Year

Well, today was my first day of being a Sophomore at my high school. I had no trouble finding my classes, although I like some of them more than others. I like all my teachers, which is a really good thing, because then you form stronger connections. I will list my schedule below:

Per. 1) Fitness/Foods
Per. 2) Biology A
Per. 3) Geometry A
Per. 4) Spanish 1
Per. 5) Digital Photo 3
Per. 6) English 10A Honors

Those are my classes for first semester, but I think they will be the same for second semester as well. I wasn't as nervous for today as I was for the first day of school for my Freshman year; which is good thing. A very good thing.

I'm sorta tired because it was a long day of trying to get used to school again, but I will write more this weekend about my 'starting school adventures'.

But before I sign off, my friend gave me the most beautiful necklace that I've ever seen. I love it. A lot. I wore it today to school and I played with the charms subconsciously all day.


Nice schedule. Enjoy your year.

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