My Sewing Projects: The pics

Alas! I have gotten pics of my different sewing projects! Getting the pics wasn't all that hard, but actually coming downstairs to get on the comp to put the pics on here; that took a little work. My mom kept saying I was procrastinating. Oh, but I'm not, See, here they are:

This first one is of the bag that's draw-string capable. It has the initials of my middle name on it, A*M, but without the little asterik mark.

The second one is of my reversible bag. The blue side is what you can see, but if you look closely, you can see some of the pink from the pink side!

The next one is of my pj bottoms! They're green and it says things like love the earth and what not. Like, going green. I love em!

The next pic is of me wearing the dress that I made! It's white with little blue flowers allll over it! It even has a button in the back that I sewed on by hand!

Okay, the very last pic is of the pj shorts that I made outside of the camp. It's kinda like t-shirt material. And they only have one pocket instead of two. And I know that they may look big, but once I draw the draw-strings, they will obviously fit!

Okay, so there ya have it! All the sewing projects that I did! See, mother, I didn't procrastinate!


Those are wonderful projects and very well done. Looks like you had a good time at camp and learned a lot.
Anonymous said…
Sooooo, when are you going to make me some jammies? ♥Mom
anml_lvr said…
I did learn a lot and I had a good time at the camp! And mother, you said that you were making yourself some jammies. So don't look at me!

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