My Favorite Websites!

Hello all!

This is going to be a short post today. I have recently realized that I have three favorite sites that I visit almost everyday. Maybe you have heard of them, maybe you haven't!

1) is my most favorite! I am on it constently and whenever I miss school, I can always ask my friends on FaceBook what I missed!

2) is another one. I recently came across it and have become positively addicted to it!

3) is the third and final one. It's a place where you can submit your own stories, journal entries, and poems. You can read and comment on other people's work. It's a really cool site where you can be free to do your own style of writing without someone telling you that it's not good to be writing. I myself have some poems and a short story on my account!

All of these sights are amazing in their own way! I just hope that you think so too!



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