My Olympic Poem

Yaaaaay! I've finally been able to type up my Olympic poem and know I'm putting it on here. I wrote it two days before the closing Ceremonies, so that's why it may sound funny. So, here it is!:

Olympic Poem
February 26th, 2010
Age: 14

There comes a time every four years,
when we must come together/ rally around/ and send out cheers.

There’s only one word that surface’s when countries send their top picks,
that word is my favorite and that word is Olympics.

Watching the Olympics is quite entertaining,
and when the athletes see the gloomy weather they think ‘Oh shit, it’s raining!’

We’ve heard of accidents and seen many crashes,
even read about pre-Olympic gashes!

I’ve seen such grace and elegance on the rink/snow/ and air,
and some of the Bronze/Silver/ and Gold winners have won by the width of a hair!

Celski, Ohno, White, Vito, and Vonn,
these are just some of the athletes that will never be gone.

You’ve got hardships and trials of faith,
especially when you know that maybe you can alter the path of fate.

Although the Closing Ceremonies for the 2010 Winter Olympics are two days away,
the memories of these games will be in my head to stay!


Nice tribute to the Olympics

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