A new STORY! ♥♥

I wrote this story last December. It's not based on a true story perse, but it was sort of based on something that I wanted really badly. I changed the storyline, because none of my friends at school knows what this story truly means. But I do. Here it is!

Under the Mistletoe: Finally
December 14, 2009
Age: 14

The guy that I loved (and still do) ...was my best friend. He is the most sincere guy I know. He’s sweet, funny, and smart too! Blaine Johnson and I have known each other since we were little kids. He is always there for me if I need help. With anything. My friends have always told me that falling in love with your best friend (especially if your best friend is a guy) is the worst thing that can happen to you. And I did just exactly that. I fell in love with Blaine. Yup. I did.

When I first realized it, I thought that I was going crazy. But I wasn’t. A few months ago, in January, is when it happened. Blaine and I were walking home from school and I looked up at him and asked a question. But instead of answering me, he reached across with his hand and tucked a loose strand of hair back behind my ear.

I started seeing him differently after that incident. His blue eyes weren’t just blue anymore. They were such a vivid blue that I would get lost in them if I stared too long. And his black hair that laid so sloppily over his eyes changed too. I don’t know what happened. I made a vow to myself that I would tell him by the time my parents Christmas party came.

But what I didn’t know was that secretly, Blaine liked me back. Me! Can you believe that?! It was December 15th, five days till the Christmas party. I still hadn’t told Blaine my secret, but I wouldn’t have to wait long. When I came home from school that day, I asked my mom if Blaine could come to the party.

“Of course he can come, you silly thing!” She said it as if I was stupid or something!

On the day of the party, I was so nervous. Why couldn’t I have told him way back in January? Why did I have to wait for the party?! When the doorbell chimed at 7:00 on the twentieth of December, I leapt from the couch to answer it. When I opened the door, I found Blaine standing there looking so handsome. I asked him why he looked so nice (he’d never worn anything nice to previous parties) and he responded with a shrug.

I let it go. Fifteen minutes later, everyone else showed up. It was mainly my parents’ friends. Blaine and I headed up to my bedroom, the place where we always go during the Christmas parties. I flopped down on my bed and he flopped next to me. We were sitting up against the headboard when I put my head up against his shoulder. He put his arm around me and we sat there quietly for several minutes.

I got up to go and get some food when I felt a soft tug on my wrist. I turned and saw that Blaine had stood up too. Before I knew it, he was giving me the softest of kisses. I looked down at my shoes with cheeks burning. He looked at me with an injured expression. “Didn’t you like it?” I shook my head ‘yes’ while still looking down at my shoes.

I felt his gentle fingers lift up my chin and he saw that I was crying. He gave me another soft kiss and pointed upward. I looked up and saw some mistletoe taped to the top of my door jam. I gave him a questioning look. He laughed.

“I put it there before I sat on your bed.”

I smiled and told him to stay right where he was. I went downstairs and got some food for the two of us. By the time I got back to my bedroom, Blaine had stayed. I handed him a plate and we sat back down on my bed. I was starving, so I ate everything on my plate. I put it on my nightstand, and curled up against Blaine. He put his arm around me again and I snuggled closer. We stayed like that for what felt like an eternity. It turned out that I didn’t have to tell Blaine at all. It was like we silently told each other. It’s been a month since those two kisses happened and more have happened since.

But those two kisses felt like they happened just yesterday and that’s how I want to keep it.


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