This is a "magazine ad" that I made in PhotoShop at school today. Sometime last week, I had to do my product photography session. What you had to do was bring in something to take pictures of, then you had to set up a time. After you got your session scheduled, then you took the Nikon D60 camera (owned by the teacher) and took pictures of your product. You could change the fabric background, the height of the tripod, the lighting, and a bunch of other things. The product that I brought in was Starbursts, ya know, the candy? Well, I took pictures of them. When we were done, we had to create two "magazine ads": one single product, one multiple product. Keep in mind that both "ads" were on the same product. My "ad" was for a Wal-mart ad.


Very nice job. I like how your product pops out from the background.
Anonymous said…
Great job Missy. Really suppah duppah.

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