Writings 16, 17, 18, 19, & 20

Here are some more short writings from my little writing book!:

#16- Life- 1/27/07
What do you like better: How you treat your life, or how it treats you? It’s your choice.
Age: 11

#17- Family- 7/13/07
Sunsets bring you peace. Ocean waves bring you comfort. But, what does family bring? Family brings you infinite happiness.
Age: 11

#18- When it’s Raining- 12/23/07
When it’s raining outside it’s like the clouds are crying. The clouds could be crying for something lost or something gained. The clouds could be crying for any reason really. But, when they’re crying everybody will know it for they can see the tears falling.
Age: 12

#19- Good Choices- 1/17/08
Always make good choices in life. If you don’t, the bad choices may haunt you for the rest of your life.
Age: 12

#20- Sunshine- 1/20/08
The rays of the sunshine give you warmth and happiness. Even right down to the depths of your darkest days.
Age: 12


Nathan said…
Geez! These young people are pretty smart and seem to have a better grasp on life then most adults.

Thanks for posting this. It is always interesting to see how the younger generation thinks.
Nathan said…
Wow, I didn't realize that these were all of your writings. That is pretty impressive! You seem to have a very good grasp on understanding life. Good for you! I really enjoyed reading them!

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