The Best Christmas Ever

Four years ago, in December of 2005, a new family moved into the neighborhood a couple houses down from my family. A couple of weeks before Christmas, we went over to their house with a plate of goodies. They welcomed us in, and I became fast friends with everybody, especially Tana. In fact, our first “play-date” was her teaching me how to play Halo! You know, the video game? As the New Year was approaching, Tana and I became good friends. Through-out the months, Tana and I became closer, almost like sisters.

During the summer of 2006, my life was preparing for a change that I wasn’t sure I was able to handle; I had never experienced it before. Early on in the summer, Tana told me that she was moving to South Carolina to live with her dad and step-mom. When I heard that it felt as if my heart turned into stone. On July 14, 2006, Tana and I said goodbye. We tried to keep contact with each other but it was very difficult. As 2006 turned into 2007, I was surprised to hear that Tana, her dad, and her step-mom had moved to Hawaii.

You see Tana’s dad is in the military and they had to move bases. As 2007 came closer to ending, I was also surprised to hear that Tana was coming home for a visit. But as 2007 ended, and 2008 was near its end, Tana still hadn’t come home. In November of 2008, I learned that Tana was coming in December. I didn’t know when exactly, but I didn’t care! I was happy! So when she surprised me at my front door on Christmas Eve day, I nearly fainted.

Tana told me that she had to leave on January seventh, but on the morning of, she called me and said she was staying, and would be going to school with me in a couple of weeks! I was speechless. Literally. Now I’m happy as a clam that she’s with me again. Wouldn’t you be?

This picture is of both of us and was taken the summer that she left.


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