Hello everybody!!

Today is a great day for me because 1, it's Friday and 2, I'm reading a great book. It's called Lioness Rampant. The author is Tamora Pierce. Also, it's part of the Totallan series. There are three parts to this series. Each part contains four books.

The Lioness Quartet: (part one)

Alanna: The First Adventure(book 1)
In the Hand of the Goddess(book 2)
The Woman Who Rides Like a Man(book 3)
Lioness Rampant(book 4)

The Immortals Quartet: (part two)

Wild Magic(book 1)
Wolf-Speaker(book 2)
Emperor Mage(book 3)
The Realms of the Gods(book 4)

Protector of the Small: (part three)

I do not know the names of these books because the book I'm currently reading does not list the titles of the books.

Talk To You Later

P.S. What do you like better? dogs? cats? horses?


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