Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sewing Camp

Last Tuesday I started a sewing camp. It is pretty fun actually. Once you get in a cycle, it's not that bad! The very first thing that I made was a pin cushion to put all my pins in. Oh migosh. The ending result for that was very ugly looking. I took my sewing machine and the crappy looking pin cushion home to show my parents. I left the pin cushion at home. I didn't want to look at it at camp. Anywho, the second thing that we made was a bag that was draw-string capable. It was fun to make and I was the first one done! On my bag was some embroidery work of the initials of my middle name. The letters are A and M. The next project that I worked on was another bag. But this time, a reversible one! I worked the rest of Tuesday and all of Wednesday to finish the bag and I am so proud of it! I used a really pretty pink pattern for one side and a pretty looking blue pattern for the other side! I even made the straps. And then, after I made mine, all of the other little girls started copying me; wanting to make bags of their own. It was sweet.

But while I was working on finishing my bag on Wednesday, the rest of the class were starting on their pj bottoms. So I was behind. That didn't bother me any. I didn't mind it at all that I was behind. So it was Thursday when I started MY pj bottoms. But that was the day that everyone started their dresses! Ok, I was getting a little bit frazzled. But I told myself to calm down. I wasn't going to rush something just because I was behind. And I didn't. I took one step at a time, and eventually, I finished my pj bottoms on Friday! Yahoo they were done! And, the best part: They had pockets! I was the only student with pockets in them! Hehe! When I was finally done with the project I decided that I would take the sewing machine home and work on something there. I decided to make a hanging pillow thing for my friends girlfriend. I had the fabric embroidered on to get the letter A for her name.

So on Saturday, I started the pillow; and also on Saturday, I finished it! I even stuffed it all by myself too! Well, my mom helped me a little with the corners and spreading out all of the stuffing. I had a well rested weekend. If you consider cleaning your room in three days and having your guy friend over for dinner well resting. But I liked it. The whole weekend I mean.

So here it is, another week of sewing camp ahead of me! And I'm looking forward to it! And guess what?!!? I started my dress today! It's white with little blue flowers all over! And it has pleats in the front too! I'll be so excited when I am done!

And guess what ELSE?!!? I will post pics of all my creations, excluding the pin cushion, when I am all done with my dress! That way you get to see everything in one post!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I am perhaps the most idiotic person on the planet. Seriously.

"School's out for summer! School's out for ever!" This song has been recently stuck in my head playing these two lines over and over. And it has a right to be. Because starting tomorrow, I have 4.5 days of school left! Yes! My Freshmen year at high-school is almost done and it's so hard for me to believe! But let me get back to the original point. The title.

Every school year since 7th grade I have gotten a yearbook. Well this year, I knew that my ninth grade yearbook was going to be huger and heavier than the two previous yearbooks that I had. I mean, it had four grades instead of two, fall/winter/spring sports, the seven different choirs, drama, leadership, elective classes, and a whole lot more is what the yearbook would have. I bought my $45.00 dollar yearbook the same time that I paid my second semester $15.00 digital photo fee. I thought nothing of the yearbook until the time that I needed to get it.

It was now May 28th, 2010. The day the yearbooks would be distributed. I was super excited. I mean, who wouldn't be?! During lunch I asked my friend where I could find the list to see if I could get my yearbook that day. You see, if your name wasn't on the list, you had to wait until Tuesday June 1st for your yearbook. Well, I went to the list and I looked at it. I didn't see my name on the list. It was alphabetical by last name and I did not see my name. Damn.

I did not get my yearbook on the 28th. I went through the rest of the school day in a tizzy. I was so mad. When my mom got home from work I told her what happened and she went on a rampage. We located the copy of the check that she wrote and I knew that that would help. I left a little earlier from my house on Tuesday to head to the Business Office to straighten out the problem. The lady I talked to was really nice and she used to work at my elementary school so she knew me better than most of the other students.

I told her what the problem was and she looked up my name on the computer and she said that I had paid. I was so confused and I asked her what the list was. She looked at me with a puzzled look. I told her about the list to the right of me, the one that my friend told me about at lunch.

The lady laughed, not meanly, and she said. "Oh that list is for seniors who haven't paid their fee's yet. You don't want to be on that list." I felt like the biggest idiot. I was so embarrassed and I still feel like an idiot. Ugh.